From the Editor

From the Editor

Dear colleagues, readers and friends!

In front of you is a new online journal ‘Historia provinciae – the journal of regional history’. First, our journal is aimed at historians, but we will be always glad to co-operate with representatives in other fields of social and humanitarian knowledge. We are convinced that our multi-disciplinary approach will allow considering a complex phenomenon of the province and the region. We focus on a poly-semantic understanding of the concept ‘province’. A province is understood in this respect as part of the country, usually quite remote and opposed to the centre. The periphery of the country embraces all the solitude and ‘backwoods’ full of quiet slow-paced life. This is a place where new trends have difficulty to reach people, and where the population would resist the changes of a swift-flowing modern life. At the same time, a province is the place of preservation of native traditions, language and culture. It is the place of retaining national identity, which makes it unique and valuable.

‘Region’ is also a multi-valued concept. A region is part of the country such as Northern European Russia and the Ural region; at the same time, it is a certain part of the continent, such as Southern or Central Europe. We embrace both interpretations of this concept. We hope that this multi-valued interpretation and the combination of different approaches will facilitate the appearance of new trends of research that would be interesting for scientists and simply for inquisitive readers.

Our journal issues will be in English and in Russian. On the one hand, we are convinced that the bilingualism of the journal is an essentially feature in the era of globalization; and on the other hand, it would go beyond the situation when the authors writing and reading in Cyrillic feel isolated and separated from the benefits and trends of modern science developing in the world. Normally, we do not provide materials in a foreign language (restricting it to abstracts and keywords only); instead, in this version we will issue the full-text articles in both languages.

Another essential feature of the journal is the availability and openness of all materials to everyone. The journal will be issued online and will be available to all Internet users. Instead of a printed version, it will be possible to share visual materials, maps, charts and graphics. Our editors do not usually insert such materials into the text due to technical difficulties and high cost of printing services. We consider visualization to be one of the main ways or processing digital material by modern readers; therefore, we encourage prospective authors to use visual graphics in their texts. This will enhance a better presentation of the articles and contribute to the general aesthetic enjoyment on part of the readers.

Thus, ‘HISTORIA PROVINCIAE — journal of regional history’ begins its own history; we welcome all prospective authors and the inquisitive audience longing for interesting materials and fascinating studies.

Solodyankina Olga Yurievna, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the History and Philosophy Department, Cherepovets State University, Editor-in-Chief of ‘HISTORIA PROVINCIAE — journal of regional history’.