Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Our Mission

‘Historia provinciae – the journal of regional history’ is aimed to solve a wide range of tasks. Due to the dual interpretation of the word ‘region’ (part of the country or an inter-country foreign segment as far as Europe is concerned), the Editorial Board specifically welcomes the manuscripts focused on certain aspects of regional and local history: socio-economic or political aspects, spatial structure of the region, sociocultural processes, etc.

Manuscripts are accepted as based on different theoretical and methodological approaches. The only prerequisite would be their thorough scientific elaboration, adherence to the instructions and high quality of the paper, reliability of selected research techniques as well as the fact that the manuscript has not been published, submitted or considered for publication elsewhere.

Purpose of the journal:

Creation of the integrated scientific space for humanities scholars writing in various languages and touching upon different aspects of regional history in their research.

Objectives of the journal:

‘Historia provinciae' is intended to publish the results of fundamental and applied scientific research conducted both by academics from the Russian Federation and foreign countries, in the form of scientific articles, synopsis of scientific content, academic reports, critical reviews and notes in the field of history and political sciences.

The journal is issued in two languages: Russian and English. The bilingualism seems to us fundamentally important under the conditions of the globalizing world, on one hand, under the conditions of certain isolation of authors writing and reading in Cyrillic font; and on the other, from the trend lines of development in the contemporary science usually demonstrated in Latin characters.