Actual Study of Myth-making in Ukrainian Historiography and Publicisм

Actual Study of Myth-making in Ukrainian Historiography and Publicisм

Andrei V. Baranov
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The author reviews A.V. Stavitsky’s monograph ‘National Historical Myth of Ukraine’ (Sevastopol: Ribest, 2015. 748 p.). The topicality is emphasized for the theoretical study of myth-making in the national historiography of Ukraine. The conceptual framework of mythologization regarding historical knowledge, the role of mythology in construction of identity and the recoding of consciousness are defined. The purpose, principles and features of the Ukrainian mytho-history are revealed. Attention is paid to various versions on origin of Ukraine, the processes of Ukraine’s historical choice between East and West, the national-historical image of Ukraine.
Andrei V. Baranov
Doctor of Political and Historical Sciences, Professor,
Kuban State University
Krasnodar, Russia
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myth, myth-making, Ukraine, historiography, non-fiction, construction of identity, nationalism, criticism
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