License Agreement
For Authors

License Agreement

1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. Under this Agreement the Copyright Holder grants and assigns the Licensee nonexclusive right to use the scientific article _____________________

______________________, (the title of the article submitted to the Publisher)

hereinafter referred to as ‘Work’ free of charge within the limits and timeframe established by this agreement.

1.2. The Copyright Holder(s) warrant(s) that he or she is/they are a sole owner or co-owners of all the copyright granted on the Work to the Licensee and have full power to make this agreement.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

1.1. The Copyright Holder assigns the Licensee the following exclusive rights for 5 (five) years after publication of the Work:

1.1.1.  the right to reproduce the Work (to publish, distribute, print, copy or reproduce the Work in any other form). The Licensee must indicate the name of the author on each copy of the Work;

1.1.2.  the right to distribute the Work in any form;

1.1.3.  the right to alter the Work (create a new independent work on the basis of the submitted one) and the right to edit the Work, provided that the meaning of the text is not materially altered;

1.1.4.  the right to use the Work for information, promotion or any other purposes.

1.2. The Copyright Holder warrants that:

1.2.1.  The permission from all the co-owners of the copyright granted on the Work to the Licensee under this agreement has been obtained;

1.2.2.  The Work is the original independent creation of the Copyright Holder;

1.2.3.  The Work (more than 50 per cent of the text) has not been previously published elsewhere in any form, except as a preprint;

1.2.4.  All copyright material in the Work has been appropriately cited or quoted according to applicable copyright laws and conventions, all third-party material (research data or facts obtained by other authors or organizations) has been properly credited;

1.2.5. The Work does not contain any call for extremism or terrorism, foul language, confidential data, classified or state secret information;

1.2.6. The Work does not contain any information which is not permitted to be published in public sources under statutory acts currently in force.

1.3.  Under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Copyright Holder assigns the rights to the Licensee.

1.4.  The date of rights transfer shall be the date of the execution of this Agreement.

1.5.  The Copyright Holder assures that he/she will allow to publish his/her Work in “Historia Provinciae – the Journal of Regional History” in case of positive decision on publication.

1.6.  The Licensee assures that he will respect copyright which is under statutory acts currently in force as well as the rights of the Copyright Holder, and take whatever action is possible to prevent copyright violation by the third parties.

1.7.  The Licensee has the right to use the Work without restriction to the territory.

3. Liabilities of the Parties

3.1.  For non-fulfillment of the obligations under this Agreement the parties bear responsibility in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.2.  The party responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations shall be obliged to compensate for losses and loss of profits caused to the other party.

3.3.   In the event that non-fulfillment of the obligations under this Agreement was a result of force majeure, each party shall separately bear the costs actually incurred.

4. Confidentiality

Terms and conditions of the Agreement as well as amendment agreements are confidential and not subject to disclosure.

5. Procedure for amending, termination, cancellation and renewal of the agreement

5.1.  This Agreement shall come into force when it is signed by both parties.

5.2.  This Agreement shall remain in effect until the Parties duly and fully fulfill their obligations under the Agreement.

5.3.  Validity period of the Agreement shall be deemed automatically renewed for a successive period of 5(five) years unless otherwise expressly terminated by either party no less than thirty days prior to the expiration of this Agreement.

5.4.  Amending or termination of the Agreement may take place due to the introduction of new legal acts or amendments to current legislation of the Russian Federation that may affect the fulfillment of the terms hereof; by the mutual agreement of the parties or in any other case provided for in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.5.  Amending or early termination of the Agreement shall be effective only if made in writing and shall form an integral part of the Agreement.

5.6.  Unilateral termination of the agreement is possible in any case provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation or under court decision.

5.7.  Any amendments or supplements to this Agreement are valid if they were made in writing and are signed by both Parties.  

6. Final Provisions

6.1.  Parties shall apply the legislation of the Russian Federation as a guide to all issues not covered under this Agreement.

6.2.  All disputes and differences which may arise out of the present Agreement are to be settled by the parties in an amicable way. Should the parties fail to reach an agreement, a case shall be submitted to the court in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.3.  The present agreement is drawn up in two copies (one for each party) each of them being equally authentic.