Call for Papers
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Call for Papers

The journal publishes the results of research in the field of Russian and world history and political science, original theoretical and experimental research articles of 20-25 pages, the subjects of which fit the scope of the journal. Book and article reviews, notes, information about scientific events and chronicle of scientific life are also welcome. The articles should present the results of completed and properly conducted studies.

All submitted manuscripts are checked for plagiarism. Matches and similarities with other published sources should not exceed 80 per cent.  If plagiarism is identified, the COPE guidelines on plagiarism will be followed.

The decision on publication is taken by the Editorial Board of the journal and is based on the reviewer’s conclusion; the novelty, scientific value and topicality of presented material are also taken into consideration. The manuscripts rejected by the Editorial Board are not accepted for reconsideration.

The following materials are to be submitted to the Editorial Office:

1. Manuscript of the article in Microsoft Word with .doc or .docx extension.

2.  Scanned copy of completed and signed  License Agreement

3. Photo of the author in .jpeg format sized no less than 1 Mb.

The materials mentioned above are submitted to the Editorial Office in the electronic format by e-mail After that, the authors are contacted at the e-mail specified by them.

Within seven days after receiving the manuscript, the decision on acceptance / non-acceptance of the article for review is sent to the author. The editorial decision on publication of the manuscript might take up to two months following acceptance of the manuscript.