Russia as the Main Object of Modern Information Wars

Russia as the Main Object of Modern Information Wars

Evgeniy A. Markov, Anna A. Nevolina
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At least for the past ten years, Russia has been remaining the object of information wars or, according to some researchers, the object of one ongoing information war. Modern information warsare characterized by a number of special features, such as: established control of the state over the media; absence of any rules and moral and ethical norms in the process of carrying out information attacks (i.e. a cyber-attack or a media blitz); complete ignoring of the norms of in-ternational law by individual countries; absence of debates during the information attacks for the sake of achieving personal goals and objectives; lack of evidence in the prosecution of crimes; in relation to some states, as well assystematic formation of the image of a rogue state. This country found itself, as it happened more than once in the modern history, in  the centre of large-scale in-formation wars; moreover, Russia became the main target of information attacks.
The article examines the specifics of modern information wars, with Russia as an attractive tar-get for such wars, as well as the conditions for ensuring full national security required in such a case.
Evgeniy A. Markov
Doctor of Political Science, Associate Professor
Cherepovets State University, Cherepovets. Russia
Anna A. Nevolina
Master in the area of International Relations
Cherepovets State University
Cherepovets, Russia
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information war, hybrid war, sport and politics, Russia, Syria, the Ukraine, the USA, the European Union
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Markov, E., and A. Nevolina. “Russia as the Main Object of Modern Information Wars”. Historia Provinciae – The journal of regional history, vol. 2, no. 3 (2018): 12–48, https:// 10.23859/2587-8344-2018-2-3-4

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