Journal Sections

Journal Sections

The issues of the journal include several sections:

Editor’s note – the editor responsible for the issuing of the journal, providing information on the topic of the issue and the materials included into it.

Research – in this section, scientific articles of various types are published (predominantly research and review papers). Materials written by young researchers can be included into a separate section.

Discussion platform – materials of inter-discipline nature are published, written using non-traditional sources and envisaging strongly-pronounced authors’ position, devoted to the topics not established in the historical science yet. Essays and reflections of academicians can also be presented in this section.

Chronicle of scientific life – in this section, materials on scientific conferences, presentations of monographs and other scientific events are presented.

Reviews – in this section, reviews on the published monographs are published, as well as collections of articles and other similar materials.

Depending on the topic of the issue, new sections might be added.