Preprint and postprint Policy
Editorial Policy

Preprint and postprint Policy

While submitting a manuscript, the author should confirm that the article has not been published or has not been accepted for publication in any other academic journal. When quoting an article published in the journal ‘HistoriaProvinciae – the Journal of Regional History’, the publisher asks to include a link (complete URL of the material) to the official website of the journal.

The articles previously posted by the authors on personal or public websites which do not belong to and are not connected with other publishers can be accepted for consideration.

Glossary (by SHERPA)

Preprint - In the context of Open Access, a preprint is a draft of an academic article or other publication before it has been submitted for peer-review or other quality assurance procedure as part of the publication process. Preprints cover initial and successive drafts of articles, working papers or draft conference papers.

Postprint - The final version of an academic article or other publication - after it has been peer-reviewed and revised into its final form by the author. As a general term this covers both the author's final version and the version as published, with formatting and copy-editing changes in place.