Peer Review Form
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Peer Review Form

Article Review Outline

1. General appraisal of the article (title and length).

2. General appraisal of the problems considered in the article (the subject and focus area).

3. Compliance of the problems considered in the article with the subject matter of a section of the journal.

4. Topicality of the problems considered in the article.

5. General description and evaluation of the contents of the article (including points considered and results obtained, their topicality, relevance, credibility, validity and significance).

6. Remarks on arranging, presenting and formatting the material of the article

Conclusion about suitability of the article under review for publication: the article is suitable for publication in the journal ‘Historia Provinciae – the Journal of Regional History’; is not suitable; can be recommended for publication after revision.


Full name, academic degree, academic title, signature

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